Keynote: Welcome Mystie Rail!

Please join us on Thursday, November 3rd, for out Keynote Speaker. Mystie Rail, Executive Director of Assistive Technology of Alaska and national speaker, will share her personal experience of raising a child with multiple hidden disabilities and how that led her on the path to providing assistive technology to the largest and most rural state in the nation.  She will also discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of providing AT services "on the fly" to rural village communities that sometimes lack even the most basic resources.  She will share insight into the importance of culturally relevant practices in serving rural communities in Alaska where buzzwords like “Inclusion”, “Aging in Place”, and “Employment First” are nothing more than an urban legend.  Mystie combines her years of Alaskan adventures and passion for supporting people with disabilities through assistive technology to offer a unique and witty outlook on AT solutions in Alaska - the true reality show of life in the Last Frontier.

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